Material specifications

Green Edge

Glass look Perspex (Green Edge)
Perspex® Glass-Look provides the appearance of green tint glass but at half the weight and five times its impact strength, offers the aesthetics but without the associated risk of breakages.
Please select polished edges when ordering this product


Clear Perspex
Perspex® Clear has an exceptional light transmission in excess of 92% of visible light. It is superior to all other thermoplastic sheet and higher than that of glass with virtually no colour bias. Even after 10 years of outdoor exposure, Perspex® Clear will continue to transmit 85% of visible light while other thermoplastic sheet will show a much greater reduction over the same period.


Perspex Colours
Perspex® has always been available in an extensive range of standard colours with solid or opaque, translucent and transparent options. However, if a colour has not previously been matched, then our technicians can generate the required colour from a sample or an appropriate reference.


Frost Effect Perspex
Perspex® Frost has a double-sided matt surface which gives an effect similar to that of sand-blasted or etched glass. Perspex® Frost is available in subtle shades of clear and opal to fresh pastel colours, right through the spectrum to deep, warm reds and rich greens and blues.

Perspex Colour Chart PDF down load button here!, link below


Dibond Composite Sheet

Dibond® aluminium composite sheet consists of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two 0.3mm aluminium skins. With all the benefits of aluminium composite and the full range of colours and finishes, Dibond® combines durability with flexibility. Particularly suited to high wear environments, this formable and dual-sided sheet has one satin finish surface and the other in 75% gloss.

Foam Board

Foam PVC Board

Foamex®  foamed PVC sheets have a nominal white index in excess of 100 units. It is this bright white colour base which helps to reproduce printed colours with greater brightness and intensity. The higher level of reflection from the white surface of the sheet allows more light to pass through the ink and yields more efficient colour subtraction – this makes printed colours appear more vibrant and therefore, makes these substrates ideal for digital print direct.



Lexan® polycarbonate benefits from an integral, co-extruded layer of UV protection on both sides of the sheet and can therefore be used for external as well as internal applications. Coupled with a wide service temperature range Palsun® is suitable for use in any environment. With a light transmission of 90%, the same as glass but at half the weight and 200 times the impact resistance, Lexan® is also ideal for use in areas exposed to potential damage or vandalism.


Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are the best solution for conservatory roofing for the modern home. Available in thicknesses from 4mm all the way up to 35mm for maximum insulation values and unrivalled color/tint options the polycarbonate sheet remains at the forefront of conservatory technology.

  • Blocks 99% of UV radiation
  • Superb thermal insulation with "U" values as low as 1.2
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Light weight with excellant impact resistance
  • Class 1 BS 476/7 Fire rating

Download Colour Swatches:

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